[IP] The portal

Azrael pushed against the door as the energy leaked into the plain like a mirage river. The iridescent colors sparkled, flashed and splashed as the door finally snapped shut.

[IP] Who’s first?

[IP] Who's first? Amaya stretched her essence to the roof top, a moment later she looked down at the desolate roads. Manzo's powers had laid waste to the city. The once gleaming high rises looked more like skeletal fingers probing the twilight sky a mockery of their former selfs. Their glass uniforms now dusted the streets below.

[PI] Once, when it mattered.

Still. Once, it mattered but that was before the event. No one saw it coming, damn Toby didn't see it coming. Millions, no, billions of people didn't see it coming, even when the screens on their smart phones went blank. Just white screens, no little colourful square boxes, no Facebook, twitter, Snapchat. Everyone's communication system failed and no one knew what to do. The attack came quick and fast, shit, everyone on the planet had already gave him everything he needed to know.

[WP] A sorcerer enslaves a dragon using magic, and, of course, keeps his new minion in good condition. Years later, the sorcerer realises the magic wore off long ago, but the dragon ‘s still around.

Aramious the great sat at the writing desk, the wooden grain under his hand had been smoothed with age. Just like his old leather hands that held the quill in shaking fingers. The elegant lines of ink left behind would later leave the readers no inclination of his maladies.

[TT] We were sailing into a storm, but our captain was fearless. Then we saw the black sails, and even the captain’s blood ran cold.

[TT] We were sailing into a storm, but our captain was fearless. Then we saw the black sails, and even the captain's blood ran cold. The dark oaken floor was awash with sea water; the cold foamy liquid swept back and forth over his sodden leather shoes. He lost the feeling in his toes quite a a while ago, only to be replaced by the terror of the ships erratic motion.