Here you will find most things published by me on Reddit. Each post will start with the writing prompt and then subsequent short story.

Hope you enjoy.

[WP] You would have us force the hand of a God?

[WP] Write a story that has the same plot as Hotel California.

Reaver’s Army. The Topland Chronicles​

[IP] Every warrior starts somewhere, even those bent on revenge.

[IP] The portal

[IP] Who’s first?

[PI] Once, when it mattered.

[PI] The Strangers – A transcript​ from the Topland Chronicles.

[IP] Dragon Majesty  

[TT] We were sailing into a storm, but our captain was fearless. Then we saw the black sails, and even the captain’s blood ran cold.

[WP] In a world where cookies are extremely vital to society, you are the most feared criminal in history. You. Are. The Cookie. Monster. 

[WP] The old sage spoke”To conquer the beast; you must first become the beast.”To which Dan responded, “That’s fine and good, But the beast is a fucking zombie robot dragon.”

(WP) Jesus you’re the worst roommate 

[CW] Write a horror story in the style of a child’s first book. 

[WP] A man is about to propose to the devil for the first time in a thousand years. 

[WP] “Where does my story begin? Off a 386ft cliff, falling to my death.

[WP] A man investigating his own murder. 

[WP] When you die, you can challenge Death to a competition to return to life. You choice was: A dance off. 

[WP] Put your own spin on Goldilocks and the three bears.