Horror Collection

I went to Build-A-Bear, something’s wrong with my Bear.

My Boyfriend brought me a Tatty Ted, something’s not right about him.

Disneyland ruined my life! Here’s why.

Disneyland is full of wonder, but have you ever wondered what actually goes on there?

John Worthing and his part in the Disneyland abductions.

My name is Declan Banks; and I have something to confess.

People are going missing off the coast of Hawaii, you’ll never guess why.

Do you like surfing? This might make you think twice.

The Curious Case Of The Van De Bach Kids

The Curious Case of the Van De Bach Kids

An encounter with a mysterious lady leads to the curious case of the missing Van De Bach Children

Some Body To Love

What would you do for the one you love?

I wanna hold your hand.

Holding hands is fun, isn’t it?

Raw – A Dark Web Game Show Ep3.

The third instalment of D’Burgh’s unorthodox late night reality Game Show.

Raw – A Dark Web Game Show Ep2.

What’s the worst that can happen on a Game Show? Embarrassment?

Picture’s Of Lily

Have you ever seen something in a picture that seemed familiar? What about if it was in two, or three?


Why You Don’t Bring People Back From The Dead.

Sometimes when you come back from the dead you’re not alone.

The desert stars

The Desert Stars.

Living in Vegas is hard, but being buried alive is even harder.


Outback oblivion.

Everything in Australia can kill you, but what about the things that don’t?

the shadow man

DHL – Deliveries from Hell.

Just when you thought deliveries couldn’t get any worse.


I remember the first time I died.

Do you remember your first time?

Through the sand and stars

Through the sand and stars.

What would you do to keep that special someone?

The shadow man-3

Blueberry Beer & Bad Intentions Series

We all know drinking can change you, but what about if it changed the world around you instead?


At Storms End.

When the thunder rolls, they come.


Something Came Down my Chimney and it Wasn’t Santa.

Christmas is a time for giving, not taking.



What if your Tinder match wasn’t who he said he was. Pretty standard? You have no idea.

Tinder Can be found in the anthology

Love Death And Other Inconveniences as Searching for Love.


Old London Town.

Distance friend united for a night to remember.


The Red Light of Prague.

When spicing up your love life goes wrong.

Imaginary Fiend

Imaginary Feind

My mother said Imaginary friend were harmless, I don’t think so.


The Group.

I found my friends diary, I shouldn’t have read it.

The Kent Exorcism

The Kent Exorcism.

The scary account of an exorcism of a family in Kent, England.

The shadow man

The Shadow Men.

The shadow don’t just move when I’m around.

alliance photo

NoSleep Interviews 

An interview with the top authors of Reddit’s NoSleep.