Why You Don’t Bring People Back From The Dead

Sometimes it's not a good idea to bring someone back from the dead, because you just don't know who might hitch a ride.


Outback Oblivion

Everything in Australia can kill you, or can it?

The Desert Stars

When you're tied up in the boot of a car & live in Vegas, you know that its not a good thing. #thriller #horrorstory #shortstory #bedtimestoryforadults

[WP] Write a story that has the same plot as Hotel California.

Danny took off his sunglasses as the night sky changed from pink to murky purple. Hazes of dust clouds buzzed in whirlwinds in far-off fields as he switched on his head lights. It had been a tiring day, and he still had five states to pass through before he could even think of calling himself home.

[IP] Every warrior starts somewhere, even those bent on revenge.

[IP] Every warrior starts somewhere, even those bent on revenge. The cartwheel bumped over a stone in the dirt road, a little boy of no more than three looked up from playing with the hay on the cart floor. his mother a fat lady with hair the same colors as the straw sat watching him intently. Occasional she would glance as Sasha with worried eyes. Maybe she had seen many female warriors she thought. A bigger stone rocked the cart wildly, and a hooded old man at Sasha side groaned. Now and then he would cough a great racking thing and clutch at his rib cage. She didn't know what ailed him and generally wouldn't care but something about the old man's sad gray eyes reminded her of Barlia.