Author ​Alliance​

Here are some of my favorite Authors. I have found that each of the Authors has their own style and voice which adds to their writing skills. Have a look and see what you think, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Tobias Wade

J.P. Carver – u/jp_carver

Nick Botic

David Maloney – Lifeisstrangemetoo

Jesse Clark:

Blair Daniels

William Dalphin


Johnny Hempseed’s Emporium of Terror

Darius Pilgrim


Michael Boomer Kelley:

Jeff Edward:

Christine Druga:

P.F. McGrail

Chris Maxim

Rachaele Bowman:

Adam Davies:

Elise Grieg – u/PocketOxford

Rhysmichael Schwarzman:

LP Hernandez:

Mike Maxim:

Kelly Ann Childress:

Gemma Louise Maroney:

Jay Sigler:

Adrian Johnson:

James Marie Parker III:

Billy Stuart:

David Field:

Alanna Webb: