Raw – A Dark Web Game Show Ep.2

Word count 6097. By Grant Hinton.

The computer screen opens up and I tap the address into the search bar. It already knows it; I’m just in time as the live feed kicks in. I can’t wait. It’s my new favorite show.

The screen opens up, and dramatic music pumps out the speakers. I feel a small buzz of excitement as the spotlights search the crowd in a criss-cross motion on the screen until they settle on the left of the stage. The face of Von D’burgh grins as he enters the spotlight. His purple velvet jacket open to reveal his bare hairy chest.

“Yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.” He throws his hands up in the air as he approaches a large red leather chair with a small coffee table beside it and another comfy looking chair beside that. D’burgh pulls his shabby blonde hair into a ponytail then spreads out his jacket as he lands heavily in his seat.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to RAW – a new late-night reality show. Brought to you by our proud sponsor Tobias Wade of Haunted House Publishing LLC.”

The crowd claps and cheers as the studio’s lights sweep to a box up on the side of the stage. A young man with long brown hair stands with a crystal-topped cane in his hand and a beautiful dark skinned lady beside him in a regal white dress with gold trimmings. He tugs at his red velvet waistcoat and waves down at the crowd. As the camera pan up, it reveals a pack of white husky laying around their feet. Tobias reaches up and tips his top hat to D’burgh then they settle into their seats.

“If you missed our pilot show.” D’burgh whistles. “You missed a corker, or should I say cracker?”

The crowd laughs with D’burgh, and then his face goes serious.

“Tonight we have a show for you. A tragic story, one about freedom and independence. The tragic case of a bond gone wrong. Two people never able to be apart, never able to truly experience aloneness.” The crowd moans sadly.

“We all have that special someone that knows us inside out, Yeah?” Someone, we’re close to, right?” The crowd cheers.

“Someone, you consider your,” – he air-quotes, – “bff, right?” The crowd laughs a little and answers back.

“Nothing comes close to twins. But, just imagine not being able to do the most private of things alone. Let me introduce you to tonight’s guests. Siamese twins Mark and Tony Bellevue. They have longed to be separated since they were little and tonight one of them will win that chance.” The crowd whoops and whistles as the host jeers them on.

The lights flash, and lively music pumps out as a segment of the stage revolves to reveal a podium and a young man in a chair. Wires cover the two heads of the twins and trace back to a man in a white lab coat and glass. The generic looking “mad scientist” twiddles with some nobs at his console while D’burgh swaggers over to the podium.

“We’re calling this episode ‘My twin head will die so I can live a normal life!’ Ladies and gentlemen, Tonight’s contestants, Mark and Tony Bellevue!” The crowd cheers as a scared looking Tony and a joyous Mark look around. The music stops when D’burgh reaches for some prompt cards hidden on the podium.

“Good evening gents. So a little birdie told me that you want to live a normal life?”

They both nod and Mark raises a wired hand.

“Ever since we were little D’burgh, it’s been pretty hard not being able to do what other kids can.”

“Definitely. It must be harder still being teenage boys? Being so close, not having any privacy?”

Mark nods again and jabs a thumb at his twin.

“Damn straight. Can even wack one off without him stealing the good part.”

Tony smirks a little but shies away again. D’burgh notices and directs his next question at him.

“Tony, What will you do if you get to live a normal life?”

Tony’s bleach-blonde hair – that exact opposite to his brother’s black – falls in his face. He brushes it away and looks around the crowd as he speaks.

“Sorry Tony, a little louder so the audience can hear,” says D’burgh.

“Go to a shark tank; Mark’s scared of water.”

“No, I’m not, faggot. You can’t control your fucking arm. How am I supposed to swim with a retarded left arm?”

“Gentlemen!” The twins stop their augment and turn to their host with their heads hung.

“So, am I right in thinking that one of you has more control over your body than the other?”

The twins nod and Tony goes to speak, but his brother cuts him off.

“Yeah. I usually have total control of our legs and right arm. Tony has control over our left arm, but sometimes I can dominate that as well.” He smirks and nods toward his brother. “He’s just along for the ride.”

“Is that true Tony?” An uncharacteristically sympathetic look spreads across D’burgh’s face and then it’s gone. Tony nods and looks down at the wires on his hand.

“Yeah. Sometimes Mark gives me control over our body, but that’s only when he’s tired or bored. He’s the stronger twin.”

D’burgh clenches his jaw; the muscles poke out for a brief second and then his showman’s face is back on.

“I’m told that you are both avid readers of the Reddit sub Nosleep?”

Both the twins nod as the crowd cheers.

“And besides video games, you both have a common hatred for spiders?”

The twins nod again.

“Well, it’s lucky we don’t have any spiders in the studio tonight, not counting Cynthia.” He chuckles. “We don’t know exactly what she is, But you don’t have to worry about her.”

The twins exchange glances.

“Let me tell you, lads; your unique situation played havoc with our game designers. But I think they’ve done a great job with tonight’s games.”

The boys grin as the host shuffles the prompt cards.

“Ok, well boys, tonight, you will have the opportunity to gain your own life. As you know you’re both attached to wires which go to our machine controlled by our “mad scientist” Bungle.”

A spotlight lands on Bungle, and he stops to wave at the camera.

“This system intercepts the signals going to your brains; it will enable you to have absolute control over your side of the body. That means, no matter how hard you try, you will not be able to affect your brother’s body parts or feel what your brother is feeling.”

To showcase his words, Bungle switches on the machine and the twins jolt in their chair. Then they each move their arms as if experimenting with their new-found control. Tony’s eyes light up, and his shyness flees him.

“Also,” D’burgh’s wicked grin flashes at the camera. “Each time one of you get the question right. The other will get an electric shock. I don’t mean a pussy one for pretentious Game Shows. No, these will be 100 volt bad boys.”

The crowd whoops and whistles as the brother’s faces go a little pale. D’burgh reshuffles his prompt cards and a new tune rings around the studio. The crowd cheers and clap to the beat until the host makes a cutting gesture at his neck. The studio lights lower a little, and D’burghs face falls into deep lines for the second time tonight.

“Ok gents. Here’s the deal. There will be three rounds, each one completely different. The twin with the most points at the end of the game wins. Is that clear?” They nod although worriedly.

“In front of you are your buzzers. Please test them.”

Mark smacks a blue button the size of a dinner plate and a high-pitch siren goes off. Tony presses his red buzzer and another deeper siren sounds.

“Ok, let’s play round one.” – He spins around and points to the camera. – “The wonderful world we know.”

The lights flicker and dim, the audience goes silent.

“Ok, Mark, Tony. I’m going to ask you a series of questions, and you have to tell me the correct answer. If you buzz in with the correct answer, you win the point, and your twin will receive a bolt. If you answer incorrectly, you don’t get the point but do get a shock. If neither of you answers the question, you both receive a shock. Do you both understand?”

The boys nod.

“Ok, first question. – The color orange is named after the fruit?”

Mark buzzes first with a confident smirk on his face.


“Correct, The fruit came before the color. Before the 16th century, the color orange was referred to as yellow-red. Well done Mark.”

Tony’s face twitches as the voltage dances across his visage.

“Next question, The space between your eyebrows is called the rasceta, true or false?”

Mark’s eyes search inside his head for an answer but, Tony – after recovering from the burst of electricity – hits his button.

“False, it’s the glabella.”

D’burgh’s eyes widen. “Correct, the Glabella is the space between your eyes. The Rasceta is actually the name for the creases on the base of your wrist.”

D’burgh glances at the camera with a pout and back at Tony.

“I take it you’re the intelligent twin?”

Mark looks a little hurt as Tony smiles wide.

“Mark plays video games. I don’t get to unless he’s bored, so I read a lot.”

The host pulls a face as he reads the next card and laughs slightly.

“Ok, this should be easy for you then Tony, but let’s test that knowledge, shall we? In what state were both; Crazy Horse and Sitting Bull born in?

Mark high pitch buzzer rings out a split second before Tony reaches his, and he shouts out the answer. “South Dakota.” D’burgh swings around to the camera with his mouth wide open in disbelief.

“OMG.” He says as Tony convulses again and a stream of yellow piss leaks out from under the seat, the crowd see it, and a disgusted murmur sweeps the arena.

“I can’t believe you got that Mark? I was sure Tony would get it, but not you,” says D’burgh as Mark chuckles then speaks. “Yeah, well stupid here doesn’t realize that I can read too.”

D’burghs delighted face swings from the camera to the boys and back again. “You don’t want to miss this show boys and girls. It’s one on one, brother against brother, mano a mano.” He pulls out the next card and swings it up to his face. “OK, next question. Are you ready?” Mark’s red face glares at his brother as he pulls at their sodden crouch.

“Ok, Question 4. What was Elvis’s last No 1 in his lifetime?” The boys don’t seem to know the answer, each look at the other and search the audience for a hint or clue but nothing comes. “I’mmmm, gonna need a answers, lads. Still nothing? Too sad.”

Both the boy’s faces go rigid and then their slump into the chairs. “The answer is Suspicious Minds. That puts Mark still in the lead with 2 points to 1. Ready for the penultimate question? Ok. Where was Che Guevara killed?”

A deep buzzer sounds and Tony’s eager face seems like it will explode. “Bolivia. It was Bolivia.”

“Correct.” The chair starts to leak again. The piss yellow liquid joins under the chair into one huge pool.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, we seem to have an advantage point, both brothers have two points with only one question to go.” The crowd ooh and arr before D’burghs quieten them and selects another card.

“Last question in round one. Hand’s on buzzers. On the TV sitcom The Munsters, what was Lily Munster’s maiden name?”

The crowd grows silent as the boys search for the answer again. Mark shuts his eyes and mutters under his breath, but Tony is looking about wildly. I really don’t know who’s going to…

Mark slams his buzzer. “Dracula, She was a vampire so it must be Dracula.”

D’burgh throws the cards into the air as triumphant music bursts through my speakers. Tony’s frothing mouth is lost in darkness as the spotlights settles on Mark’s head.

“Well, that’s the end of round one,” says D’burgh. “Over to Dee Dee for the scores.” D’burghs rolls his arm like Elvis and flicks a finger towards a young girl with a silver bob who pushes a large whiteboard onto the stage. The crowd cheers for her, and she drops a cute curtsy to the delight of the audience. The board has two sections both with the twins names on either side. Below are two white squares hanging over the scores.

“Dee Dee my love, my sunshine, my flower. What are the scores?” Asks D’burgh.

Dee throws her colleague a quick two-finger salute and pouts. D’burgh faints his heartbreaking and the crowd laugh and boo Dee Dee. She giggles and blows him a kiss.

“At the end of round one,” she says. The crowd calms as she twists over the scorecards. “The scores are, – Mark lead with three points to Tony’s two.”

As the crowd cheers Dee Dee curtsies again, blow D’burgh another kiss and pushes the scoreboard back off stage. With the continual cheers of the crowd, the camera zooms in on D’burghs.

“Congratulations Mark for winning round one. Stay tuned as we hear a quick word from our sponsor. See you in a flash.” The camera pans out and up to the young man in the box before the screen fades to display the sponsor’s credits.


The advert finish and the camera flies over the studio audience to the stage and the awaiting D’burgh.

“Welcome Back to RAW, and if you’ve just tuned in, this is Siamese twins Mark and Tony Bellevue. They long to be separated and tonight one of them will win that chance. Ok lads.” He says turning to the pair. “How are you feeling after recovering from the first round?”

The boys look weary but both nod. The host grins at the camera and then back to the twins.

“Ready for round two?” He asks. Tony pumps his fist in the air, and his brother gives a thumbs up. The crowd cheers like mad.

“Round two is called – Know your Nosleep.”

A jaunty tune pumps out and D’burgh structs like a rock star. As it finishes, he points to the twins. “But.” The crowd sucks in a collective breath. “This round is going to be slightly different. The voltage is going up! Way up to 125 volts.”

The crowd goes wild again. D’burgh does know how to capture our attention. As the spotlights swirl around and finally settle on the haggard looking twins, I can see them much better. The sweat from Mark’s head has made his hair stick to his face, and Tony face is slightly paler in comparison. Also, there’s something in their eyes; it might be uncertainty.

“Ok lads, fingers on buzzers for your first question, and this should be an easy one. In the series written by search and rescue, What was found in the woods?”

Tony’s deep buzzer sounds just before Marks.

“Stairs, D’burgh.”

“Correct, one point to Tony.”

Marks jaw muscle clench and his hand shakes violently. After a brief moment, his head slumps to the side. The host chuckles under his breath as he places the card to the back of the pile. Mark slowly recovers and repositions his arm over his buzzer.

“In TaraDevlin’s, The Dark Mansion – a text-based horror game, What was found on the desk in the secret Laboratory?”

Mark quickly smashes his button and his high pitch buzzers jars my ears.

“A report about experiments on humans.”

“Correct,” says D’burgh.

Tony’s side of their body shakes as the voltage courses through him. Mark twitches slightly but grins when his twin’s head sags against his neck. Slowly Tony recovers as D’burgh asks the next question.

“In Pippinacious’s Fat Camp, what did Natalie take as a souvenir from her stay?”

The boys look at each other as their hands waved over their buzzers. Mark pressed his button with uncertainty.

“Yes, Mark.”

“A…umm…a cake?” He raises an eyebrow.

A red light blared around the room and Marks hand curls from the electric shock.


Tony bites his lip. “A prod.” His eyes light up with confidence. – “A piggy prod.”

“Well done. That’s two points to Tony and one point to Mark.”

“Next question. In TheJesseClark’s; The Deepest Part of the Ocean is Not Empty, what did the captain of the Tuscany find in the cave known as the Maws?”

Mark slams his buzzer and Tony closes his eyes.

“A monster.”

D’burgh sucks in a breath through his teeth. “I’m going to need more than that.”

Mark squints his eyes and balls a fist.

“A…a…sea monster with hundreds of tentacles.”

Tony’s face shakes and slumps to their chest.

“We will accept that answer.”

The crowd cheers as Tony recovers even slower than before from the blast.

“Next question. In Hayong’s series, what are phobias shaped like?”

Mark’s hand falls again on his buzzer, and it’s high pitch sound shatters the silent studio.

“Little green pills,” says Mark.

Tony’s head hasn’t stopped vibrating as he gets another bolt. D’burgh seems unfazed as he selects another card.

“In PocketOxford’s, I went hiking with my class. It didn’t end well.” What did the police say caused the deaths of her classmate?”

Sweat drips down their chins and dampens their shirt. I can see a red line of blood joining Tony’s nostril to his mouth. I’m amazed they can still go on. But they do. Mark hits his buzzer and wipes his hair from his face.

“I remember this one. It was aliens.”

D’burgh scrunches up his face and shakes his head.

“Not right I’m afraid. I ask what the police thought caused the death of her classmates.”

Tony, anticipating of a shock, opens his eyes and presses his buzzer.

“Gas D’burgh, it was gas.” The audience explodes with applause as D’burgh places the cards down on the podium. One final card in his hand.

“And your last question for round two. In BlairDaniels, The emergency alerts on the radio don’t make sense. On what street did Blair and Daniel find shelter?”

The sound of Tony’s deep buzzer vibrates around the studio, and the audience grows silent.

“The answer’s Maple Street.”

D’burgh stretched out his hands and faces toward the audience.

“Correct. What can I say ladies and gents? This really is a close one tonight, and that’s the end of round two.”

The theme music quickly pumps out and then stops.

“Over to Dee Dee for the scores.”

D’burgh’s Elvis arm flicks towards Dee Dee emerging from the edge of the stage. Her clothes are different, and now her hair is gold and long, she looks weirdly majestic, almost futuristic. The large whiteboard wheels on to the stage on its own and stops just before her. The crowd cheers her louder than ever, and she drops another cute curtsy. A large white cloth hangs over the scoreboard, and we wait for Dee Dee to show us what we already know.

“Dee Dee my love, my dove, my angel. What are the scores?” Says D’burgh.

Dee throws her arms back dramatically and then pulls the sheet away.

“At the end of round two,” she pouts. “We have a draw with Mark and Tony each having 6 points!”

As the crowd cheer, Dee Dee curtsies again, blows D’burgh a kiss, and kicks the scoreboard which rolls back off stage. With the continual cheers of the crowd, the camera zooms in on D’burghs face.

“Congratulations boys, things are hotting up as we go to our third and final round. Stay tuned as we hear a quick word from our sponsor.” The camera pans out as the screen fades to display the sponsor’s credits.


The advert finishes and the jaunty theme tune pumped out again. The studio lights fall on the bare-chested twins and their lavish host. D’burgh flashes his intoxicating smile.

“Welcome back to RAW, While our contestant’s rest, I have a little treat for you. Do you remember last time what happened when we offered someone ten thousand dollars to last 3 minutes in The Pit?”

The audience chorus together. “Yes!”

“Sadly poor James didn’t make it, so now the prize money has doubled to twenty grand.”

The audience goes crazy. The studio lights dim and a single spotlight searches the eager crowd. D’burgh, along with the audience chant out the catchphrase.

“Studio lighter, pick…your…fighter!”

The light swirls around and finally settles on a thin looking boy in his early twenties. He jumps up punching the air and jogs towards the stage. D’burgh greets him with a bro hug and slaps him on the back.

“Dee Dee?” The girl from earlier swaggers across the stage; only now her hair is black which shines purple in the show’s lights. As she struts to the podium like a model on a catwalk, the men in the audience whistle and catcall, she fans a hand on her face and pouts. Dee Dee passes a thin plastic sheet to D’burgh and then tugs at the young man’s arm until he follows her off stage. It’s the hosts turn to fans his hand calming the audience enough to talk.

“We will be seeing him in just a few minutes, but for now let’s see how the boys feel as we approach our third and final round.”

The twins are standing by an open pen; six different farmyard animals rest in stocks. Bungle – the scientist – although still in his lab coat – chews a length of straw through gritted teeth and a straw hat now adorns his head.

“Mark, your drawing with your brother, how does that make you feel?”

Mark stares at the cow and the pile of shit beneath its feet.

“Yeah, I think I can still win. But, I don’t know what’s gonna happen here, so…,” he trails off.

D’burgh turns to the audience with a mischievous smile. Then unwraps the plastic sheet. He looks at the camera, at Mark and Tony, at the animals, and back at the camera. Then he puts the plastic sheet over his head to more laughter.

“Have you ever been to the farm Mark?”

Both the twins shake their head, and the host laughs.

“Well, you’re gonna be up to your elbow in it in a minute.” The crowd laughs again.

“Are you ready for the third and final round?” D’burgh raises both arms and the audience chorus. “Yes!”

“Mark, Tony, I would like you to meet. Daisy the cow, Gypsy the pony, Frank the pig and Shelia, the camel.”

The twins scrunch up their faces as he continues.

“This round is simple. Each of you will, in turn, race through the animals and retrieve a puzzle piece. When you have all five pieces assemble correctly on the puzzle board.” – He waves towards two large blackboards where five missing segments of a picture are missing. – “The time will stop. Fastest time wins.”

“Wait, through them?” Asks Tony.

“Yep, we fed the puzzle pieces to the animals last night, they should be well and truly digested by now, the only problem is, they’re still inside them. You’re going to have to reach in and grab them.”

“Awwwwww,” resounds around the studio.

“For the audience at home, we have re-attached the machine to the twins, this time, instead of having control over one side of their body; they will control all of their body for their turn.”

Mark and Tony smile for the first time.

“Oh, and by the way, we also placed the last puzzle piece inside you while you were knocked out.”

The twins smile fades, and their jaws drop together. They search their bare body and find two recently sewn up cuts running down either side of their abdomen. The studio lights flash, and a new jaunty tune plays. The lights brighten, and D’burgh ushers them into the pen.

“Ok Mark, you lost the last round, so you can go first on our final round. Animal Farm.”

Mark turns the twins to face D’burgh. “No gloves?”

The host casts a slanted glance at Mark for interrupting him and blows out his lips.

“Don’t be shy, just roll up your sleeves. Wait, what am I talking about, you haven’t got any sleeves. Ready…steady…Go!”

Mark waddles their vast bulk over to the cow and lifts its tail. Tony wrinkles his nose and moves as far as his limitation allows him. After a second hesitation Mark pushes his hand up the cow’s ass.

The crowd scream and gag as he loses his arm up to the elbow. A few moments go by and then he pulls it out and raises it in the air. The first shit-covered piece is dangling between his fingers.

He repeats the venture on the pony and quickly pulls out the second piece. Then the pig, to loud squeals, then he approached the camel. Sheila doesn’t like someone being behind her and gives the twins a big kick to the stomach. Mark staggers back and falls against the fence.

The crowd cheers him on, and with a little help from Bungle, he manages to retrieve the fourth piece and places it correctly on the board.

Mark looks over to D’burgh and mouths something. The host shakes his head and gestures with his hands. Mark raises his shit-covered arms, but D’burgh shakes his head again.

Mark shrugs and turns his attention to the new stitches in his side. He cries out in pain as he digs his fingers into the wound. Dark blood rolls down his hand and drips to the hay at his feet. A tear glistens at the corner of his eyes as his mouth sets in a line of determination. One finger turns to two then to three. The stitches stretch and break as more open up.

Mark clenches his teeth as he breaks the last stitch and plunges his hand inside his body. A moment later he staggers to the board and places the final bloody piece in the missing hole. The spotlights swish around the studio as Mark collapses to the floor. Bungle rushes to attend him as the camera zooms in on the host.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen that was a fast time. Tony will have to really move to beat it. But, while we get them fixed up, let’s see how our audience member feels as he faces three minutes in the pit. Dee Dee?”

A large screen behind him blinks to life and Dee Dee – now with long blonde hair with pink highlights – stands in a modified bullring with the guy from the audience. A high grey metal fence surrounds the enclosure, and a scattering of various viscous looking weapons dot the straw-covered floor.

“Hello, D’burgh. Jeff here didn’t expect to be standing in the pit tonight isn’t that right Jeff?”

The young man eagerly, and somewhat amateurishly speaks into the microphone.

“Yeah, I mean, wow. I can’t believe it. This is incredible. “

“Do you think you can last three minutes with whatever comes out that gate.” She puts the microphone back to his face.

The camera pans to a thick metal gate with two heavy straps that look better suited to a medieval castle. The camera’s audio picks up a rapid succession of tapping against the shaking door, before panning back to Dee Dee and Jeff.

“Yeah. I’m a good runner so, yeah I think I can do it.”

“So you plan to ‘outrun’ whatever comes out?” Asks D’burgh.

The young man listens for a second and then nods.

“Well, good luck Jeff. If you can last three minutes, the twenty grand is yours.” Our host places his hands together and bows slightly.

Dee Dee whispers something in his ear, and he nods. The girl is helping through a large metal fence, and the piece is slammed shut behind her. Slowly the iron door lifts to reveal spikes like a portcullis. The banging noise stops and a chittering sound fills the pit.

My blood turns cold as I hear it, it’s like a paralysis is creeping through my veins. The guy – Jeff – looks like he’s experiencing it too. Two black pole-like legs poke out from under the door, as it lifts higher more of the creature moves into the pit.

Jeff shakes off his sudden fright and bounces on his toes like a runner warming up for his morning jog. The creature bends low as the last of the gate disappears. Then the beast comes out in full force.

The creature has eight legs resembling a giant spider, but it also has a scorpions stinger at the back, and one of the front legs is a large pedipalp. Four large black orbs search the arena as it twists and turns. D’burgh’s voice sounds as the camera explores the body of the beast.

“Cynthia was found in the Amazonian rainforest when one of our research team got attacked by her. She was an undiscovered species, one with the ability to mutate. It only happens when she feeds; somehow she can adopt her foods attributes or biological features into her own DNA. Which is quite remarkable. If you look closely, you will see some of our unfortunate team member below her.”

The camera zooms in on Cynthia’s undercarriage and the bulge of a torso under her skin. Two hands move in unison with the legs.

Cynthia chitters and moves in quick jerks. Jeff, seeing the arachnid entirely for the first time, runs and picks up a crude pitchfork, with nowhere to hide he throws it at Cynthia. The fork bounces off her thick hide with a thud. Cynthia screeches and makes a beeline for Jeff. She spits out a glob of green mucus that hits him on the leg. The screams of pain are deafening, and the skin on his leg peels off like wallpaper. He reaches down and screams again looking at his hand. The white of the bone shows through his fingers as the beast pounces on him. Cynthia’s chitters chill me, and she opens her maws revealing rows of savage teeth. Jeffs moans cease as she darts outs and swallows him like a snake.

The camera peels off the death scene and gradually comes back to a ghost-silent studio, and a sadden D’burgh. “Sometimes it’s just not meant to be. The Pit has claimed two lives now ladies and gents, and you know what that means?” The screen in the background shows Cynthia undercarriage sprouting two new hands that join the other digested member of the expedition team. The crowd’s silences break as D’burgh shouts. “The total is now thirty grand!” The audience erupts, and new music fills my room.

Tony and Mark are back in the pen with the mad scientist dude – Bungle – as D’burgh salters over.

“Ok, Tony. Are you ready for your turn in Animal farm?”

“Yep, I’m ready.”

“You realize that if you don’t beat your brother’s time, you will lose and Mark will gain a normal life?”

Tony looks at his brother who looks a little sad by the prospect. Tony nods with a tight lip.

“Ok, Let’s get this show on the road. Who’s ready for the last round of ‘My twin head will die so I can live a normal life’?” The audience cheers and whoop and D’burgh waves to Bungle. “Three, Two, One, GO!’

Tony repeats his brother’s journey through the animals, I’m not sure if he’s faster or not. Finally, he reaches into his own stitches for the last puzzle piece. As the stitches – one by one – tear and break, so does his knees. I can see Mark shouting into his brother’s ear encouraging him. Tony finds the strength to carry on, and half crawls over to the broad. His first attempt at placing the puzzle piece on the board leaves a bloody smear. Mark yells at him again to get up, and he slowly does, shaking, he puts the piece on the board. The clock stops and Tony and Mark fall to the ground unconscious. The lights dim and darken until only D’burgh’s shiny face is left.

“It seems that Tony took all he had to complete the course but was it fast enough to beat his brother’s time? We will be right back after these words from our sponsor.” The camera zooms over a morbidly silent audience as the theme music pumps out and the sponsor’s advert pops up.


As the adverts fade, Raws theme music pumps out again and I hum along to it. The camera flies over a cheerier audience and settles on D’burghs smiling face. But I can’t see the twins.

“Welcome back to Raw, If you’re just turning in you’ve missed quite a show. Thirty grand is now up for grabs in our next episode if someone can survive The Pit, and we have yet to settle the fate of Mark and Tony Bellevue.” He waggles a finger at the camera and continues. “But don’t be discouraged, you can watch all of our episodes on our new app, The link will appear at the end of the show. Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Dee Dee?”

The screen behind D”burgh lights up again to show Dee Dee in a metal room in a new outfit and wig. Thick straps clamp over Mark and Tony’s arms and legs. Another belt lays over their torso securing them to a dentist type chair. Also, they still appear to be unconscious as their heads hang limply over the top of the chair. There’s also someone else in the room, someone big, but the screen only shows the side of a massive arm and a dirty white strip covering their chest. The slap of Dee Dee’s hand on the boy’s faces makes me winch. But it does the job arousing them from their unconsciousness. They look about wildly and pull at their bonds.

“What’s happening?” Asks Mark. Tony eyes are wide with terror and a moment’s pity for them passes through me.

“Now now boys. Calm down, we are about to announce the winner,” says D’burgh smiling. His smile has taken on a more sinister look.

“Tonight you wanted your freedom, your freedom away from the confines of your brother. Through three rounds you have battled to win that right, and now I hold the name of the winner in my hands.”

D’burgh raises a white envelope to the crowd, all is silent as he rips it open and pulls out the card. I jolt as a new sound pumps through my speakers. A chill runs through me as I recognize what the sound belongs to. The screen behind D’burgh pans out to reveal more of the room and the equipment that is making the loud noise.

“The winner of ‘My twin will die so I can live a normal life’ is…” Shouts D’burgh above the roar of the chainsaw.

“Mark with a time of 2 minutes and 23 seconds!” Tony and Mark, both scream as the man with the chainsaw guide it toward the base of Tony’s neck. Blood splatters the burly mans apron and showers Dee Dee who wipes the blood over her body in an erotic fashion. Marks pulls his face away as torrents of blood wash over him, as the chainsaw moves swiftly through his brothers neck the colossal man jolts. Mark’s eyes grow wide with shock as the engine dies. The executioner covered face looks from the stump of Tony’s neck to the blade dug deep in Marks. Blood pisses out everywhere, I’ve never seen so much, and I feel bile rising in my stomach. I can’t control it and retch at my feet. When I finally look up it to the face of D’burgh.

He raises his hands like a child when they’ve had an accident. “Whoops,” he says, “It seems that they both get they wish tonight. Ah, boys and girls. Now they will forever be free of each other.” D’burgh laughs as the cameraman swings the camera to face the audience who are up and about dancing to Raws theme tune. The camera continues to move about the audience as we hear D’brugh’s voice cut above the music.

“That concludes the show for tonight. Tune in next week for another episode of Raw. From me, Von D’burgh, Dee Dee, and Bungle, Until next time, goodnight internet.”


Next Episode.

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