Top Ten Nosleep Authors

Imagine a night curled up next to your partner when you open an email sent to you by a friend. The message reads: Your not going to believe this, I had to read it twice!! You check the link address and see Nosleep. After your initial confusion you click on the link and read the story; It reduces you to a shaking mess of residual fear and anxiety, but you can’t help but scroll the site to read one more.

Reddit’s Nosleep does exactly what it say on the tin, and with hundreds of posts a day, it a horror junkies paradise.

Authors can publish their original scary stories to induce you into an insomnia-filled state of staring into the shadows of your room, or even question the confines of what you thought you knew.  Whatever the outcome, you can kiss sleep goodbye.

Goodbye, sleep!

 The key to this community? Interaction and suspense.

The OP (original poster) might simply be trying to scare the bejesus out of you, or make you an incognizant part of their story by requesting advice or help.

Either way, the interaction adds to the suspense and leads you on a haunted roller coaster ride through your emotions. On Nosleep everything is true even if it’s not, and that added suspense works. Oh, man, does it work.

With over 11,885,315 (Dec 2017) it’s the only place to get your scary on. For all your horror junkies I’ve gone and asked Ten of the top authors on nosleep the questions that you would most like to ask these gifted authors.

You may have read their stories, or even know them by their many aliases, but now you can put a name & face, to their respective, bone-chilling works.



Tobias Wade tobias

Amazons Bestselling Author with his Anthology called; 51 Sleepless nights, Lead Author of Brutal Bedtime Stories and winning of Nosleep best horror story.



bigspook                                                             Bigspook – Kyle Alexander

The Punisher of the horror world. Author of Brutal Bedtime stories and all around fear inflicting mastermind.







A Pastor’s Son that wants to dispell your godly connection with whats right with the world.




David Maloney – Lifeisstrangemetoo david maloney

David has a unique style that led him to win Nosleep Horror awards and the hearts of the masses.





Matt Dymerski – M59gar

Matts a professional when it comes to writing and this shows with his array of awards on Nosleep and his huge fan base.




ktcooneyKaitlynn Cooney – kmcooney

I think its fair to say that we expect big things from this Boston beauty. Although still new to the Nosleep scene, I for one think that she’ll be around to torment us for a long time with her brilliant stories.


WilDalphin – Wdalphin wil phlphinWil is like the father of Nosleep. One of the first to truly put terror on to the sub, when Nosleep was merely for posting a photo of creepypasta or to comment one’s fears. Wil’s first story hooked the community in a terrifying way, and they didn’t know what hit them.




Grant Hinton

Author of this article and horror writer. He’s currently working to scare you on a constant basis, with weekly stories and an Anthology on its way. You might want to drop a bookmark.



Nick Botic Nic-botic

Nick’s fans call him the King of Nosleep and when you read one of his twisted takes you’ll see why.






Fresh out of scare school this 19-year-old aced all the classes. Just wait till you check out his many series.




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