Nick Botic

Nick has been writing for 14 years and over the course of a troubling life has found the fortitude to bring with him the experiences that he has endured. All brutally crafted within stories that will leave you on the edge of your seat; like his collection of stories called: A Halloween in Glarus.  Where the townspeople of Glarus, Wisconsin, all partake in a strange ritual called “The Hunt”. Which is available on his Patreon page.

If you’re a stickler for creeping your self out, then Nick also had a rather disturbing story called Daughter’s Drawing where….I’ll let you find out for your self.

Thanks for taking the time out to answer these questions, Nick!

Where are you from?

  Milwaukee, WI born and raised!

Do you have a day job, if so what?

  I work very part-time as a server/host at a restaurant, but my primary source of income is through writing.

What do you do to unwind?

  I write! Writing stories is truly my passion, and it is absolutely what I do when I’m exhausted and just feel like spacing out because I feel like half my ideas come from those periods of spacing out. Aside from that, I’m an avid movie and TV fan.

Tell us a bit about your family?

  I have the most wonderful and supportive family anybody could ever ask for. I’ve put them through a lot over the course of my life, and they still have my best interests in mind. Without them, I have no doubt in my mind that I wouldn’t be alive to give this interview today.

You’re on death row, and you have your last meal. Starters, Main and Dessert. What are they?

  Ooh. For an appetizer, mozzarella sticks. Main would have to be like five Jack’s pepperoni & sausage frozen pizzas with a pile of mashed potatoes and gravy on the side, rounded out with some asparagus. Dessert would be brownies with powdered sugar.


Q1: What was the first piece you published and was it any good?

  A: My first official release was about a haunted hotel. It was like…eight installments, and I think it started off okay, simply because before I began posting it, I had like three installments already done. After that, I tried writing and posting a new installment every day, and the quality went downhill as soon as that started. I truly abhor the ending.


Q2: Are you afraid that the tragedy you pen on paper, will be incarnated as an event in the real world?

  A: When it comes to the more realistic stories I write, I think those tragedies happen every day. I just try to frame those tragedies in the way that is not readily and immediately frightening to the reader. None of the non-paranormal stories I’ve written feature anything that hasn’t happened somewhere in the world and is likely happening as I write this, sadly.

Q3: What is your scariest creation/creature/person?

  A: I personally find the tiptoeing man to be the creepiest. Or any of the Smilers.

Q4: Who or what most inspires your work?

  A: I basically just write what would scare me. I’ll be watching something and think, “if [idea] happened right now, that would creep me the hell out,” and I build from there.

Q5: What fruit would you have your character use to kill someone?

  A: Mango, hands down, no question.

Q6: Do you worry about your sanity when you craft your twisted stories? Scary yourself so much that it leaves you thinking “where did that come from?”

  A: Only with “Daughter’s Drawings” did I think “alright, that was kind of fucked up. Why did I think to go that way?” As far as my sanity, that’s long gone.

Q7: How much of your work is influenced by your daily life?

  A: Most, actually. I don’t write stories about post-apocalyptic wastelands, I write about smaller scale hauntings that take place in relatable situations. And many of my ideas come from just observing the world we live in.

8: What advice would you give a newbie horror writer?

  A: Write about what scares you, not what you think readers want to hear. Your work will be better for it. Only after you’ve found your voice and your individuality as a writer should you start catering to your audience. You want people to read your work for your outlook on things, not other reader’s outlooks.

Q9: What scares you personally?

A: Spiders. I can’t even look at a picture of a spider without nearly pissing myself. Centipedes get me, too. But overall, there are two things that I would consider to be tied for my greatest fear: Alzheimer’s/dementia is one. The thought of waking up one day and not recognizing the people I love absolutely terrifies me. And two, the thought of what will happen when I die. The idea that the outcome could be just…nothing, is haunting to me. My mind can’t even fathom how long there would just be nothing but blackness and silence. Long after everyone I know dies, and after a thousand generations, then a thousand more. Long after the sun burns out and the universe collapses into itself. It would never end. And it makes me sick to my stomach thinking about it.

Q10: The perception of horror writers is that he/she is just a little bit weirder than everybody else. In your experience, do you find yourself — and other horror authors — to be stranger than the average person?

A: I was weirder than everybody else long before I became a horror writer! But I think it’s different for everyone. People are who they are. I know some horror writers who work regular 9-5 office jobs and others that are more what one might consider to be a typical “horror weirdo,” but they’re all fantastic people, and I’m proud to call them my peers. On that same note, I know some people that don’t care for horror in the least and they are weird as shit.

I can be found at the following sites:, Patreon, Twitter.


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