Mr_Outlaw only joined the nosleep community in Oct and straight off the bat, delivered a Nosleep award-winning story with his series The part of the deep web that we aren’t supposed to see. Now an avid part of the nosleep community, his stories continually give the horror fans what they want. Check out his latest (to date) series called: My friend has been living in an alternate reality.


Where are you from?

  I’m a 19-year-old from Alberta, Canada, studying Computer Science at University. I also have one younger brother. A few beers and a hockey game is a good way to unwind.

Q1: What was the first piece you published and was it any good? 

A; The first thing I really wrote and posted on the internet was a short screenplay titled “Main road”. It’s on, but please don’t check it out, it’s not good.

Q2: Are you afraid that the tragedy you pen on paper, will be incarnated as an event in the real world?

  A: Yes and no. It’d be cool and horrifying at the same time.

Q3: What is your scariest creation/creature?

  Undecided! I don’t think I’ve written enough yet to have a decent answer to that.

Q4: Who or what most inspires your work?

  A: Lovecraft, psychological adventure horror, unexplainable events, etc. Things that just force you to skew your perception of the world.

Q5: What fruit would you have your character use to kill someone?

A: A raspberry. That’d force a bit of creativity.

Q6: Do you worry about your sanity when you craft your twisted stories? Scary yourself so much that it leaves you thinking “where did that come from?

A: Nope. I try to not think about existentialism. And I advise everybody else to do the same. It’s not good.

Q7: How much of your work is influenced by your daily life?

  A: Not much, really. Part of the reason I write stems from escapism. Real life is pretty mundane for the most part.

Q8: What advice would you give a newbie horror writer?

A: Get creative. You need to find a way to differentiate yourself from others, so if you think an idea is too absurd to put out there, it probably isn’t.

Q9: What scares you?

A: The unknown, unexplainable concepts, and what happens after death.

Q10: The perception of horror writes is that he/she is just a little bit weirder than everybody else. In your experience, do you find yourself — and other horror authors — to be stranger than the average person?

A: A bit so, indeed. But I don’t show it when I meet new people 🙂

A Word from Mr_Outlaw

I have a cool idea for a story coming up in the next week, be sure to check it out on Reddit!

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