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Kaitlynn may have only published her first short story to Nosleep in February 2017, but with stories including “The Corners Son” & “The Guardian of Lovers Lane“, her unique style of writing strips you to your soul, then leaves you wondering about everyday occurrences.

In September 2017, Kaitlynn won the monthly best Horror story on Nosleep with I caught my grandfather talking to an air vent, with a staggering 8551 upvotes. Once you read one of Kaitlynn’s stories, you will see why she deserves a place in this top ten.

I would like to thank Kaitlynn for taking the time out of her Boston adventures to answer the questions that you, (My horror fans) would most like to ask a horror author.

Where are you from?

  I currently live in Boston, Massachusetts in the USA. It’s a great city and it’s full of spooky history!

Do you have a day job, if so what?

  I work in public relations. I manage brand reputations, publicity, and general creative strategy. Basically, I get to lie for a living 😉

What do you do to unwind?

  I’m a huge reader. My apartment is cluttered with mystery novels and history books. I love sitting in my apartment with a glass of wine while I devour a new book. If I’m having a really stressful day, I like to take a bubble bath in my 1920’s claw foot tub.

Tell us a bit about your family? Optional.

  My family is pretty normal. I have an older sister who is a pediatric neurologist off in San Francisco. My younger sister works in New York City. My parents are both lovely and live in New Jersey; though my mother is constantly wondering why I tend to make the mothers in my stories “evil.”

You’re on death row, and you have your last meal. Starters, Main and Dessert. What are they?

  Carbs, carbs and more carbs! For starters, I would have bruschetta and a Caprese salad. For my pain course, I would love a classic baked Ziti (slightly burned). And does wine count as dessert? I’ve never been much of a sweet tooth.


Q1: What was the first piece you published and was it any good?

  A: My first piece was actually based off of a recent breakup I had. I had lived with my boyfriend at the time when he decided to move out and move down South. I chose to stay in Boston and make my own way in the city. I thought I could dull the pain of the breakup with a story called A Demon Destroyed My Relationship; plus, we always thought that our apartment was haunted anyway.

I took a lot of the weird, haunted occurrences that happened in our apartment and weaved them into the three-part series. The hauntings, mixed with the unraveling of the relationship, created an eerie story that spoke about heartbreak and isolation. But it was poorly received and is one of my worst scoring stories.

Q2: Are you afraid that the tragedy you pen on paper, will be incarnated as an event in the real world?

  A: Most of my stories are already derived from the atrocities that happen around us.

Q3: What is your scariest creation/creature/person?

  A: A few of my stories feature a man named “Stan Smiley.” He’s seemingly a regular man; tall, attractive, charismatic. But his smile hides his complete and utter lack of empathy and emotion. He is a sociopath, one that cannot be predicted or categorized. He doesn’t find any enjoyment in what he does for he can’t feel anything at all. So his motivations for the destruction he causes are completely hidden from the reader’s minds. He is the most terrifying person I’ve ever created—because he represents an evil that dwells within us all.

Q4: Who or what most inspires your work?

  A: I’ve always had vivid, horrifying nightmares. Sometimes I’ll wake up from a dream and swear that I could hear a whisper escaping my air vent. Or sometimes, I’ll dream of a man who never stops smiling, even as he is slicing the skin off of a woman’s face. These dreams are terrifying, especially for a woman who lives alone, but they are the catalyst for many of my stories.

Q5: What fruit would you have your character use to kill someone?

  A: I would say an apple, but that is utterly cliche. I would have my character feed a grape to someone to kill them. There’s a sexual aspect involved with feeding grapes to another person—sometimes degrading, sometimes gratifying—that would add a nice touch to any story. Maybe it’s a lover scorned, or maybe a servant who’s narcissism demands assurance.

Q6: Do you worry about your sanity when you craft your twisted stories? Scary yourself so much that it leaves you thinking “where did that come from?”

  A: Aren’t we all a little insane?

Q7: How much of your work is influenced by your daily life?

  A: When I was growing up, I never used to be a fan of horror. Quite the opposite, really. I was petrified of any horror movie commercial I saw. After I saw a commercial for The Grunge, I wouldn’t shower for a straight month. I took baths instead. Then, all of a sudden, my fear turned towards morbid interest. I began to read ghost book after ghost book, devour mystery novels and even visit haunted and strange sights. Whenever I go on vacation, I always make a point to visit at least one morbid or terrifying sight. And I always come back with stories to tell.

Q8: What advice would you give a newbie horror writer?

  A: There is beauty in brevity.

Q9: What scares you personally?

  A: Confined, constricted spaces scare me the most. I can handle spiders and snakes and anything that goes bump in the night. But put me in an enclosed, tight space, and I’ll panic.

Q10: The perception of horror writes is that he/she is just a little bit weirder than everybody else. In your experience, do you find yourself — and other horror authors — to be stranger than the average person?

  A: No one is normal; we are all a little weird. I think those that are drawn to horror just have a darker side of them than most—a side that most people can’t even begin to understand.

Horror fans can read all of my stories on Reddit. I also have a personal blog where I publish most of my creative writing. And of course, feel free to follow my Boston adventures on Instagram: @coondog333


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