Grant Hinton – Granthinton

Grant has been a solid member of the nosleep community since March 2107 and had delivery a ton of stories under different allises since his debut “I’m locked in an Irish Pub.” Although that Post was removed for security reasons, his writing graces Nosleep most Monday.  He is also working toward his own Anthology of horror stories to be published in 2018. 

Where are you from?

Originally I’m from London, Uk. I’m what you would call a descendant of a cockney. But now I live with my wife and daughter in Perth, Western Australia.

Do you have a day job, if so what?

  I’m a hospitality manager for a popular Irish bar in Perth. Funny enough I get a lot of my ideas from that place.

What do you do to unwind?

  I love to write but most of all, spend time with my girls. If that’s going to the beach, camping or taking a walk. Whatever it is as long as I’m with my family, I’ll unwind.

Tell us a bit about your family?

   It’s just me, my wife Samantha, and my Daughter Bella here in Australia. Our respective families are back in the Uk. We are lucky enough to see ’em once a year, twice if any of ’em come over for a holiday. They’re a rambunctious lot, and its hard to get a word in edge way, side ways or any other ways to be honest, but I love ’em.

You’re on death row, and you have your last meal. Starters, Main and Dessert. What are they?

  This is a tough ‘un, if you’ve seen a full picture of me, you’ll notice I’m packing it around the waist. I love food and have to admit that I’m a bit gluttonous at times.
For starters I would have,  firey chicken wings – the hotter the better.
Mains would be…seeing the circumstances no use in being healthy. I’ll go, um…beef vindaloo. Desert, That’s easy – profiteroles

Q1: What was the first piece you published and was it any good?

  A: I only seriously started writing back in March 2017 after a friend introduced me to Reddit, although I did have a piece I wrote published back in 1998. It was a poem called Loves hurts and was about an adolescent boy pinning after his lost love. I actually wrote it for a friend…no, really I did.  The first piece I wrote on reddit was a word prompt about being the cookie monster. I think it was meant to be a fun piece, but I turned our much-loved childhood star into a crackhead. 

Q2: Are you afraid that the tragedy you pen on paper, will be incarnated as an event in the real world?

  A:  Although my imagination is very…warped, it can tend to run away from me, so at night time when my brain should be resting, it’s creating all these scenarios. It’s a thin line when your half awake and half asleep. The dreams can suddenly become reality and it’s a small step from there to the pen. (Ooh, maybe a good story could be had out of that.)

Am I worried? Not really. If anyone is sick enough to take a story and reenact it, then they need to have a psych analysts. Because somethings very wrong.

Q3: What is your scariest creation/creature/person?

  A: I’m going to have to say the Preacher in “Don’t take his pamphlet”. Because, the thought of an everlasting, immorality demon, hell-bent on recruiting for the devil, with his sandpaper skin, rancid breath and sightless eyes; well it just chills me to the bone.

Q4: Who or what most inspires your work?

  A: I don’t actually read or watch scary movies. However, I’m going to start, if only to dissect them. I heard a lot about Lovecraft and – also from a fellow author – I’m currently reading Dostoevsky. I found reading very late in life (22.) My public school wasn’t great and although I have a good brain, I don’t think it was inspired the right way. but Alas, 
I find I get enough inspiration from my surroundings to produce my writing. If I do read it’s was normally educational or fantasy, but my world has been opened.

Q5: What fruit would you have your character use to kill someone?

  A: I’m not going to go with a tomato, (that’s been done right? Great 80’s film) ok, how about…a durian fruit. They’re nasty and deserve the horror epithet.

Q6: Do you worry about your sanity when you craft your twisted stories? Scary yourself so much that it leaves you thinking.  “Where did that come from?”

  A: All the time. My wife doesn’t read my work but I sometimes tell her about it. Often I’m wondering if I’m affecting her perception of me, she’s nodding but said that she still loves me. (Wipes hand across forehead)

Q7: How much of your work is influenced by your daily life?

  A: Loads. I don’t think you can get away with not using the influences of your daily life. There is a old man with the crook back, no teeth and sunken eyes that comes into the pub where I work. Nice chap but give a child his posture and afflictions, bam. Intently creepy.

Q8: What advice would you give a newbie horror writer?

  A: I’m still new to the genre and although my stories are fairly well received, I still think I can improve. I think it’s a bit arrogant to think your shit don’t stink. Every one can improve. So my advice. Don’t be put off, keep writing what you think is cool, if someone doesn’t like it, stuff them. But on the other hand, keep trying to improve it. Read other people’s stories to see what works, how it’s written, join groups and learn how to critique.

Q9: What scares you personally?

  A: My greatest fear manifested itself the first time I held my daughter. No one can explain how your world tilts and how your priorities change in that instant. So my greatest fear is failing her and any other children I might have in the future.

Q10: The perception of horror writes is that he/she is just a little bit weirder than everybody else. In your experience, do you find yourself — and other horror authors — to be stranger than the average person?

  A: When people ask me what I like to do and I say I’m a horror writer, they’re taken aback because I don’t fit that genre. I’m squared shouldered, confident, the “It Kid” if you like. All the authors I know that write this genre, you couldn’t pick out from a lineup. I think people like to attach that goth and satanic persona to horror authors but they’re mistaken. Like Arrested Development said. “We’re everyday people.”

  I’m more than happy to chat with anyone on any of my platforms. And if anyone likes my work and wants to support me, then I have a Patreon page where you can get some nice little rewards. If you just want to say hi, or hit me with a piece of your work that you want critiquing, then go for it. But like the Devil, I’ll want something in return.  

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