The Red Light of Prague

I did something in Prague that I will never do again. My girlfriend thought we needed to spice up our love life. I wasn’t too sure to be honest. I thought we had a great sex life although she was always adventures and I was a little shy.

So after dating for six months we decided to go on a short trip to Europe. I’ll recount as best I can what happened on our last night there.

The rain fell in light patterns across the downcast skies. It was late evening and the city was a bustle. Tanya pulled me down a cobbled alleyway giggling like a school girl. The clack of her high heels echoed off the damp walls.

“Come on, it will be fun.”

Tanya pulled at my arm and I reluctantly followed. The red neon sign flickered at the shop front to our side as a clapped out car rattled past the alley. The window displayed a beautiful girl dressed in a sexy outfit; she swayed seductively and beckoned us with rosy lips and a provocative finger.

Tanya pouted and squeezed my hand.

“You love me right?”

“Of course I do, you know that.”

“I’ll make a deal with you; you can pick the guy, and the girl, what do you say?”

I couldn’t resist her when she smiled at me that way, the corner of her lips would turn up enticingly, and her eyes lit with some serious sexual energy. She turned my missionary position lifestyle upside down with her insatiable sexual appetite. Parking lots, parks, golf course, harbours even on the back of a busy bus. She didn’t seem to care, the thought of being caught only excited her more.

“And this is how you want to spice things up. Yeah?”

Tanya giggled and pulled me through the crimson door. Paint flaked at the sides, and a minuscule red blotch came off on my hand. A wind chime tinkled above us as we stood in the short foyer.

The counter was tall and black with one of them golden cat swinging a hand back and forth. A thin Chinese lady stood behind it and the whole thing suggested sleazy to me. At first, I think Tanya thought the lady was a state, it wasn’t until her porcelain face cracked a yellow toothed grin that made Tanya jump.

“Ello, you want something special yes? Maybe you like one for both, or something different, yes?”

She pointed a crooked finger at us rapidly. I looked to Tanya as she bit her lip, lucky for me she took the lead.

“Yes please.”

The lady clapped her hand twice loudly and two paper door on either side of the room slide back with a snap. Three men stood on one side and a row of ladies on the other.

“Ooo, the Black one for me, I’ve never done a black man.”

Tanya clapped her hand together like a child awaiting a present on Christmas day.

“I thought I got to choose” I said hurt.

I looked along the line at the guys winching at their too tight thongs. Two were black guys, and their tackle looked like a babies arms holding apples. I reasoned with myself that it would be unforgiving on Tanya and my self-esteem to choose one of them. God forbid I’d ever fit again.

Tanya clamped her mouth shut.

“Um ok, well the Italian guy for her and I have….the red-haired one there.”

I picked out a petite girl with an Eastern European complexion, different from Tanya’s Mediterranean olives skin and dark-brown hair. I briefly wondered if Tanya would get it on with the girl too. A man could wish right?

“Very good.”

The lady clapped her hands again and the two chosen stepped forward like robots. The paper doors slid back with another snap.

Tanya giggled with delight as they led us hand in hand through a dimly lit corridor, I swallowed past a lump forming in my throat at the sounds of people getting jiggy. The lady smelt delicious like strawberry’s and almonds although the scent of sex hung in the air too.

“Are you sure about this babe, is this really what you want?”

Tanya pouted over her shoulder as the lean Italian man pulled her along. She reached out and stroked the face of the red head leading me and my trousers stirred.

“You love me right?” She arched her eyebrows over the girl’s shoulder.

“Of course,” I squirmed and swallowed again. Something was bothering me and it wasn’t the seediness of the place.

“Then don’t be a wimp, this is gonna be fun.”

Still unconvinced the man pushed at a pale blue door, and it opened to a squat little room with a bed against one wall, a lamp in the corner, and a chair at the other side. The lamp was dimmed like the rest of the brothel and it cast an eerie atmosphere within the room.

The girl pushed me on the bed as Tanya took charge of the man, pulling him toward the chair. Tanya tore at the man’s shirt with a savagery I hadn’t known she process. It was just my luck that the man’s muscle rippled in the dim light while I looked pudgy and pale. Tanya squealed and I half turned to watch her, the growing excitement pushing at my trousers. I allowed the red head to maneuver me on the bed and started when she attached a handcuff to my wrist. She smiled and said something in her language I didn’t  know. She tried for my other wrist but I stopped her.

“Um, do we have a safe word?”

I grinned at her sheepishly, and she continued to smile, I don’t think she understood. Tanya had just pulled the Italian man’s thong off and revealed what he was packing. Unfortunately for me the man was a grower not a shower.

The lady climbed on the bed and stood over me, slowly gyrated her hips as she stripped off her scantily-clad clothing. I saw Tanya throat deep in the man’s crouch. Her hands gripped his arse and pulling him deeper.

I looked away as jealousy stabbed at me.  The female lowered her fiery snatch toward my face and she stared down at me with white eyes. I mean the whole fucking iris was white, like no colour was there what so ever.

I winched and looked again, thinking that the low lighting was playing tricks on my eyes. That when I noticed her vagina contract and pucker. I’ve seen some porno’s before but this was far beyond the ping pong trick. Slowly the lips pulled back to reveal a row of serrated teeth. The lady continued to lower herself over my face as I kicked and pulled against the shackle on my wrist.

“Ahhh, what the fuck, Tanya help!”

Tanya’s hand had fallen to her sides. The man thrush his cock into her face, not even bothering to aim for the mouth anymore. His eyes were as white as the ladies and he laughed with a twisted voice. The fucking thing grinned at me, letting the bloody mess of Tanya’s face fall from his hands. His penis had open up like the leaves of a banana, four sides of the skin pulled back with sharp needle-like protrusion, all directed at a mouth lashing with teeth at the centre of his shaft.

I tried to scream for help but realised it was useless. I pushed the lady back with me free hand making her off balance and kicked her in the cunt, sending her flying into the wall. The guy didn’t like this and climbed over Tanya’s body to get me, so I rolled off the bed and grabbed the lamp and stabbed toward him.

The bulb shattered and the electricity surged through his body. I fought with the convulsions racking his body and held on for dear life until the lady jumped on my back.

I crashed against the wall and dropping the lamp, reached over to pull her off me. Thank fuck she was light. She tumbled onto the bed and I grabbed up the lamp again, sending the current through her body until smoke curled from her mouth.

The bed took some time to break but I finally managed to free the handcuff and opened the door to the corridor. The noises from the other rooms had gone silent as I crept along the worn carpet. As I made for the door that would lead me back to the entrance all the doors down the hall opened up and a stream of these fucking things came running out. I ran the hell out of that place not even bothering to look back to see if I was followed until I hit my hotel.

If you go to Prague make sure it’s not the one with the golden cat swinging it’s arm and the Chinese lady behind the counter, because you’ll regret it.

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