Descendants of Nephilim Part 12.

The orange streetlight blinked and fluttered like a thousand fireflies attacked the glowing blub. The atmosphere hung heavy and the night seemed to hold its breath as it watched the units of armed men and women slip from shadow to shadows. They surrounded the grey stairs and mezzanine floor that led to the dark factory door. The black rubber bumpers protruded from either side of the opening like silent dumpy guards. Abel looked up to the starry sky from his crouched position as a single cloud roll over the full moon. 
The wolves will be out tonight that’s for sure, but that’s another problem.
Gezzer propelled himself up onto the concrete floor and reached down to pull up a few Regency man. He motioned with his hand to take either side of the overhead door as the rest of the team traced their weapons on the portal. Abels unsheathed his sword and signaled Greg and Geezer to get ready. He grabbed the cold metal handle. Three, two, one.
The door clacked open and bounced on the spring stoppers overhead but no vampires were in sight. The vast factory floor was empty abet the massive galvanized machines that glistened like fallen robotic warriors, waiting for someone to turn them on once more so they could take over the world.
Abel cocked his head to one side as a distant buzzing noise echoed throughout the factory. A dark patch congealed at the end of his vision where he had first seen his brother. The angry sound grew louder as the tempo changed, screeching and snarls drifted to their ears, and Able didn’t need to tell his warriors what was about to happen.
Each of the blood Banes and regency men had equipped themselves with hollow point Ultraviolet ammunition; there would be no mercy tonight. The order had been simple, assimilate and eradicate.
A trigger-happy Regent man fired a shot into the darkness; He smiled weakly as a dark-haired female jabbed him in the ribs with the butt of her gun. The swirling darkness spread out like fingers from the abyss, and the screeching came to a crescendo.
Abel stepped back as the horde of flying vampire sored towards the opening, the Regency unloaded their clips into the belly of the beast, and flaming carcasses exploded on the floor and walls. Able pulled at the single entry door and jarred as the lock held. With a mighty tug, the bolt snapped, and the door flew open. Gezzer and Greg were on his heels as he sped through the factory. Abel slashed with his sword at any vampire foolish enough to venture they way. And Greg covered the rear with gunfire.
Willow hung from the rafters and tipped toed like a ballerina inches above the dirty yellow painted floor. Willow’s unconsciousness was apparent as she didn’t move. Her limp blonde hair covered her face, and she still wore the black outfit of the Blood Banes, although now she was bound in white fabric and attached to a heavy metal chain. She reminded him of his child long ago who had been similarly martyred. How many children had he lost to his brother’s murderous ways? He knew the answer and remembered every inch of their angelic faces.
Cain would not succeed again, and he would make him pay for last time. And speaking of the devil, he walked out shirtless and dirty into the moonlight that fell through the skylight. The same swagger hadn’t changed in centuries, the same sneer like the world owed him a favor, the same rage boiling within his eyes. He threw his arms up and out toward his masterpiece, he tutu-ed and wagged a finger when Abel stepped closer, geezer hid behind a steel piler before Cain could see him.
“Not so fast brother, you remember how this goe’s don’t you? First, you beg and then she dies.”
“Why?” Abel barked and leveled his sword at his nemesis.
“Because I said so.” Cain’s grin turned into a snarl, and he pulled willows hair so her father could see her tear stained face. The pain must have aroused her as her eyelids flickered and opened the momentary confession faded as she became aware of her surroundings. Willow saw her father and hope flared in her chest and a nervous laugh escaped her throat.
“Dad, you came.”
“Hang in there kiddo, I gonna get you out ok?”
“Great choice of word dad but yeah I’ll hang in there.”
Abel chuckle at her dark sense of humor, how she could crack jokes given the situation was remarkable and a trait of her mother.  Cain pulled her hair harder and forced her neck to the side, she whimpered, and Cain grinned. Abel outstretched his hand trying to placate him.
“Wait, brother, Wait please.”
“Ah, there you are, Abel. I was starting to wonder where you had gotten to; I thought that all this military mucho stuff had gone to your head. But I see now that you remember the dialogue.”
“What do you want Cain?”
Cain shrugged his shoulders and raised his free hand.
“Isn’t that obvious? I want to go home.”
“What has that got to do with me, Our home is long gone, and even if you could go back it would not be the same.” Abel tapped the sword on his thigh three-times and twirled it between his hands.
Cain followed the cold steel like a predator stalking its prey.
“You do not understand brother. I want to go home.”
He pointed a sharp fingernail toward the night sky and the moon above.
“You’re crazy, how could you ever go to heaven. you, the first murderer.”
Cain rolled his hand and eyes in frustration like it was infinitely clear to everyone else and Abel just didn’t see it. Cain’s face twisted into a grotesque mask as he snarled out his monolog.
“He made me this way, Yes I killed you but look what he did.” — He stabbed an accusing finger to the sky — “He made sure I could never find nourishment from the land, he pushed me to drink the blood of others to sustain my life. Is that not cruel? Have I not suffered more so than anyone who has ever lived? While you get to live your endless life, to love, to father children. While I get a cheap imitation.”
Cain yanked Willows head again, and she flinched with pain.
“I have no other choice; It was when I killed you that God made us as we are, so you killing me will undo what he did, and we will be equal. An eye for an eye.”
“If I kill you, you will go straight to hell where you belong.”
“Not true, no, not true.”
Cain shook his head and wagged a finger at him again as a flash of steel moved toward his back. Cain twisted and caught Gezzer knife as it went to sever Willows bonds. Gezzer moaned, and ground his teeth as Cain crush his hand. The bones popped, and he fell to his knee. Cain pulled the dagger free from his hand and traced a line across Gezzer’s throat. Willow cried out, and Abel lunged forward.
Gezzer toppled to the floor as his lifeblood pooled at his shoulders, the light in his eyes grew dim as Cain stepped back to receive his inheritance. Finally, his eyelids closed never to open again.
Abel swung the sword at Cain’s neck as he extended his face to the sky and opened his arms like a preacher welcoming his sheep to his pasture. The sword met the marks barrier and propelled the sword back toward Abel. He twisted his body and let the sword go from his hand to clatter to the floor. Cain pushed him in the chest and screamed at him.
“Kill me now Abel, or I will kill your daughter and every child that you ever father.”
Cain kicked at him, but Abel caught his foot and lifted him off the ground. Cain crashed to the floor and rolled over in pain. It dawned on Abel that there may be a way to kill his brother after all and faintly wondered why it had taken two millennia to figure it out. 
Abel jumped over Gezzer peaceful form and ran to the side of one of the Metal giants. The green and red operating buttons stood out against the yellow casing. He pushed the green button, and the glistening robot came to life in a whirl of banging and dust. Abel face connected with the metallic surface as Cain ground the back of his head into the side of the machine.
“You don’t get to run away brother. It has to be you, don’t you understand?”
Abel pulled his face from the cold metal and engaged in a test of strength. Cain went in for another punch, but Abel dogged, and his hand pierced the metal sheet. Abel climbed onto the conveyer belt, and it ascended him to the sky like an angel. Cain growled and leaped after him.
The whirl of the machine was a deafening roar, but still, Cain carried on his cures and threats. Abel glance behind him as Cain and the end of the belt came inescapably nearer. The world stopped as Cain lunged for his brother and Abel jumped to avoid his grasp. The meat grinders vicious teeth churned below the gaping chasm, the moon watched from its sepulchral post, and Constantine snatched his ancestor from the jaws of death.
As he landed with Cain in his arms, he pulled a gun and shot a dart into his neck. Cain slapped at his skin and pushed Constantine away.
“What have you done?”
Constantine smirked and placed the gun back into his trouser pocket.
“What needed to be done.”
Cain wavered on the spot, and his blood red eyes rolled to the back of his head before he passed out. Abel landed by his side and took off at a run toward Willow, she flew into his arms, and he twirled her around as the Metallic warrior growled in the night.
“I thought I had lost you,” He whispered in her ears as not to disturb the dream. I was still too raw to believe how close he had come to losing another child.
“I love you, dad.”
“I love you too kiddo.”
Abel set her down on the floor, and she spotted the fallen Englishman, she ran to his side as the blood sparkled like ruby fire around his head. She placed a hand on the side of his neck, but no pulse vibrated through her fingertips. She closed her eyes for a moment and then stood back up.
“We should move him.”
“He’ll be taken care of.”
“Good, Can we get out of here please dad.”
Abel pulled her into a sideways hug and as they looked down at their fallen friend.

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