[WP] You would have us force the hand of a God?

An Eagle drifted over the azure ocean; his golden breast caught the failing sun as the waves attacked the craggy coastline with a foamy vengeance. The Eagle cawed and circled high above a young boy fishing on the rocks below. The young one pulled his net through the waves crashing at his feet. The effort made his thin shoulders strain and his tanned body glisten with sweat and spray.

Perseus stopped to wiped his brow and glanced up to the circling eagle. He grimaced and tugged on the netting again only for his cast to bring in no fish. Defeated he slumped to the wet rock and glanced down the beach to the other fisherman as there picked the fish from their nets and threw them into wicker buckets.

The eagle cawed again and dove toward the ocean, it swooped over the white caps and extended its claws to snatched at the water. Perseus gawked as it *too* came away with a fish. He threw his net to the side in frustration and crossed his arms as the eagles soared past. A burst of golden light made him turned, and he raised a hand to shield his eyes from the bright flash.

He tried to snatch a glimpse through his fingertip but only resulted in being partially blinded. Soon a mottled outline of a hunched figure came into focus. As the light disappeared, a large silver fish flapped in his face, its open mouth gasping for water.

“Here, take this. It should fight that demon away tonight.”

The old man’s wrinkled face smiled a toothless grin as he pointed to Perseus’s stomach and Perseus stupidly looked down to see what he spoke of. The old man gestured the fish again nodding his head vigorously until he took the offering.

“Thank you; I don’t think I’m cut out to be a fisherman.”

“Nonsense Perseus. You can be anything you choose to be. Anything.”

The old man’s eyes glinted as he pulled Perseus to his feet. His brown robes flapped at his ankles as the wind picked up. Perseus pulled his arm free and shied away.

“How do you know my name?”

The old man sighed and looked out at the ocean waves.

“Ah, Perseus. I know everything about you. Just like a father should.”

Many years later.

An armored figure stood within a huge mountain, the hollow within bigger than Mount Olympus itself. The chamber even made this God look insignificant. Before him a giant spiraling red-black rock circled in waves, up and up to the peak of the cavernous roof. A solitary star shone through an opening as if to witness the atrocious act about to unfold.

Ares pulled his helmet off, his long blonde hair fell and bounced lusciously. He took in the colossal monolith with eyes shining with a golden light, courtesy of his father. Ares reached a hand out to the surface of the stone, the smoothness and warmth surprised him, something that hadn’t happened in a very long time. His fingers traced a track to a sharp, crooked hole. The hollow within felt strange, almost alien to even him. He followed its edges carefully as if to memorize every bump and scratch. Ares reached behind his armor pulling forth a bunch of barnacles.

Small stones started to skitter across the cave as the mountain shook. Ares smiled and dropped the shells to the floor and crush them under his heel. As he removed his foot a green gem sparkled, a swirl of white twisted within. Ares placed the stone in the crooked hole and stood back as a crack ascended upwards raising his arms triumphantly.

“Come forth Mother. Daughter of Uranus. Come forth Titaness of earth and reclaim what was once yours.”

The spiraling rock shook as the red vines pulsed with molten magma; a glowing arm smashed through the rock sending a shower of stones down on Ares.

Ares raised a gauntlet arm to shield his face and laugh.

Perseus pulled tight the bag at his feet and sheathed his sword. He adjusted his leather armor and stood with his hands on his hips. The sun hung bloated on the horizon, and the moon sat heavily overhead. The bag hissed and rolled, he placed a foot on the canvas bag and turned to a white Pegasus at his side. She whimpered and raised her foreleg to paw the ground. Perseus came to her side and patted her flanks.

“It’s ok my friend; Medusa can’t hurt you.”

She shied away as a flash of lightning struck the ground a few feet away. Perseus shielded his eyes with his free hand.

“What now?”

Zeus stepped out onto the burnt ground and raised his arms towards his son. His white robes blew out behind him heroically. A circle of gold on his head blended with his blonde hair, although streaks of gray shined in the sunlight.

“Son, how fortunate to find you here.”

Perseus rolled his eyes and grabbed the bag off the floor. The Pegasus trotted back to him, and he tied the bag to her flanks.

“I don’t have time for this father.”

Zeus threw a hand to his neck and fainted hurt. His golden eyes searched his son face for compassion.

“Me? is that what it has come to?”

Perseus hung his head, his forehead resting on the pegasus’s massive thigh. The heat from her body felt warm and reassuring. He pulled away reluctantly.

“Sorry, father, kind of busy, you know, saving the girl from the Cetus, and all.”

Zeus blew out his cheeks and stroked his beard.

“Well, I mean it’s could be worse. It’s not like the world is at stake? Maybe a girl gets devoured. Perhaps a city gets destroyed. Life as we know it could cease to be.”  Zeus weights his hands in the air and rolled his eyes.

Perseus laughed and pointed to the cave mouth where he had just emerged.

“I’ve just killed the Gorgon, the King of Argos wants me to save his daughter, and now you expect me to save the world. Dammit, father, you’re the ruler of Olympus, surely you can do this one thing?”

Zeus shrugged his shoulder apologetically.

“What can I say, Ares has set our mother free, and the only one who can stop her is…”

“Me, I get it.’

“Actually I was going to say Cronus.”

Perseus blanched.

“You would have us force the hand of a God.”

Zeus smiled weakly and shrugged his shoulders.

“He’s the only one strong enough to stop her, and we defeated him before, so..”

Perseus looked at the floor shaking his head.

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