[IP] The portal

Azrael pushed against the door as the energy leaked into the plain like a mirage river. The iridescent colors sparkled, flashed and splashed as the door finally snapped shut.

He turned to the quivering young man beside him. Eric looked down at his feet in remorse. His incredibly large appendages stuck out at an unattractive angle as did a strand of hair on the back of his head. But that was down to his father side of the family.

Eric stepped back as the door bucked, a pool of water shimmered beneath his feet. His tattered baggy clothes showed nothing of his lanky frame only the neglect of his poverty. He finally met Azreal’s angry gaze.

“What in the name of the thieves guilds was that?”

Azrael kept a hand on the door as it bucked and shook.

“I’m sorry Azrael, I just thought it was a broom closet, I didn’t know it was magical.”

Eric wiped the perspiration from his brow and pushed back the lank hair out of his eyes, he lifted a thick book in his other hand and smiled at his mentor.

“But we still got it.”

Azrael sighed and rested his back to the portal. It was starting to shake wildly, and a copious amount of the colorful essence was slouching it way through the bottom of the door.

“Yeah well, that’s all well and good, but where the hell are we? and how do we get back you nincompoop?”

Eric stuck a finger in his mouth and contemplated their predicament. Last month he had been quite happy sulking around the alleyways and the more decrepit side of Unos in search of a living. The town was too vast to capture every low life thug and thief, and they had their own little coop going on with the baker girl down the lane. That was until Azrael had learned there was a spell that would turn any metal to gold.

“Just think, you could sit on the throne having a number two and turn your 26 to a 79.” Azrael had chuckled while Eric just scratched his head.

It had been a close call infiltration the Academy. The first part had been an easy one with their knowledge of the sewer system. But getting from the first floor to the master’s chambers had been much harder. A multitude of students had bombarded their progress until a practical joker had conjured a vaper dragon within the confines of the academy.

After a quick dart up a stone staircase, they had stealthily made their way across a lengthy corridor. Doors on either side marked off their owners like a game show panel. Azrael walked with confidence as his pale begger robe flapped around his ankles. He bypassed every door down the empty corridor like he had seen them before until the end of the passage where he stopped and pressed a shaking hand against the white colored door. No enchantments etched the smooth door he knew that. Anyone within the academy knew that If you were foolish enough to enter Aramis the Great chamber’s, then woo unto you.

The door warped hard and Azrael landed faced down in the technicolor water that sporadically covered the rocky floor. Eric jumped back in fright as the doorway started to glow an intense vibration of colors. The infelicitous pair coward as the light grew in intensity until a concussive pulse knocked them both to the floor. Soon only spots of light refracted in their vision.

Eric recovered the quickest, the door they had escaped thought now stood open. A silhouette of a crooked old man out framed the intensity of light like an anomaly. The color flowed through the threshold like an unkempt stream. Slowly Azrael rose and took in the newcomer.

“You knew, didn’t you?

The silhouette walked out onto the rocky outcrop and chuckled.

“Alas Timothy, you have never been good at hiding anything from me, you have ever been predictable. I knew that you would at least try, but I didn’t know that you would succeed.”

So you set me up? why?”

Aramis shook out his head; his long white beard swayed like a ripple in a pond as he reached into a worn looking brown pouch.

“I did not conspire for you to be here but here you are, and as such.”

Aramis reached out a hand and placed a pebble in his hand.

“You are the only ones that have made it this far, fortune smiles on the brave and we are in need of a pair of thieves.”

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