[IP] Who’s first?

Amaya stretched her essence to the rooftop, a moment later she looked down at the desolate roads. Manzo’s powers had laid waste to the city. The once gleaming high rises looked more like skeletal fingers probing the twilight sky a mockery of their former self. Their glass uniforms now dusted the streets below. Cars laid abandoned and forgotten in the wake of the thousands of lives that sort shelter from Manzo’s powers. But they too soon became corrupted just like their beloved city. How had it come to this? How had Manzo been able to create such destruction in a helpless city?

Amaya shook her head, and a strand of her golden hair fell loose from the folds of her dark hood. If Raidon hadn’t seen it coming, then what chance did the Cloud Mages have. That didn’t matter now, Raidon was probably dead along with the of her kind. Amaya didn’t like her chances, but she knew she had to try if only for the sakes of the other cities Manzo planned to attack. It wasn’t like she had anyone from her old life anyway, they had shunned her as soon as they saw the golden hair. She hadn’t asked for the life of a cloud mage, but the people of her village had made the decision an easy one.

Amaya snapped back to reality; she was sure she had just seen a movement from the corner of her eye. Something slunk between the cars; it wasn’t quick but rather labored, she had been too caught up in the reminiscing of past hurts and had missed what it could have been.

A moment later another dark shape emerged from behind a broken SUV; it dragged a shattered leg against the broken asphalt in slow bursts, the scraping sound reached Amaya ears high up on the balcony. Disgust clouded her green eyes, and she tugged at her copper jacket with resolution. She knew what she must do but before she reached for her birthright more of the dead population started to emerge from the shadows.

The manifestation of these creatures wasn’t by chance she knew that. It had to be by design, and that meant the Manzo was nearby pulling strings, if only she could sense where he was she could transport herself there and finally end this.

“Damn you Raidon.”

Amaya closed her hands together, one over the other like Master Minoru had taught her in her first lesson and calmed her mind. The lightning crackled around her, and she felt the surge of power throughout her being. She focused on a patch of ground in the midst of Manzo’s skeletal army and morphed to that spot.


Amaya channeled the energy from the sky as fluidly as a baker would knead his dough, a steady stream of multi-colored energy wound down from the heavens like a technicolored tornado. The skeletons stopped, and sluggishly turned toward her, she knew that they had no brain, that was as apparent as them not having the muscle to control their bodies but still they walked. He was close, Amaya knew that but she would have to destroy this first wave, and if the thunder god smiled down at her, then she would find Manzo’s location and destroy him too.

She turned quickly as the first of the skeletal horde approached on unsteady legs and smiled a crooked smile.

“Who’s first?

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