[WP] Put your own spin on Goldilocks and the three bears. 

Baby bear opened his eyes and stretched. His clawed feet pulled the blanket down off his chest. He kicked it further down and then completely off.

He sat up rubbing his gray-brown muzzle and looked around his bedroom. Everything was perfect. All his toy in their places, and all his toy humans lined up on the window sill greeting the morning.
He swung his legs off the bed and curled his toes in the soft plush carpet.

He heard his mother and father talking downstairs, his mother must have heard the creak of the floorboard as she called up to him.

“Darling, come downstairs, the porridge is ready.”

Baby bear sprang out of bed and pulled his sheets straight; he puffed up his pillow and turned towards the door. Mummy bear had just bought the porridge to the breakfast table where daddy bear was reading the daily paper.

Baby bear stomach growled as he climbed into his chair. The porridges smelled delicious and the honey mummy poured on top looked lovely and sweet.
Baby bear picked up his spoon and scooped a lump to his mouth. The hot porridge stung his lip and burned his mouth.

“Too hot mummy, my mouth has an ouchie.”

“Oh darling, you should have blown on it first, silly little bear.”

Baby bear blew on his porridge and attempted the spoon again.

“Still too hot mummy.”

“Ok pudding, well let’s go for a walk and let it cool down. Are you coming daddy bear?”

Daddy bear being so engrossed in his paper didn’t respond.


Daddy bear dropped his paper in shock.

“Um, yes darling, good idea it’s a lovely morning for a walk.”

The grating noise from the wooden floor was loud in the little dining room, as baby bear pushed back his seat. Daddy bear walked down the hall and grabbed their coats, helping baby bear with putting his favorite white jacket with little pictures of ducks on.
Once outside the three bears went for a glorious waking in the rolling hills.
They returned two hours later to the front door standing ajar. Daddy bear held back mummy bear, his fur standing on end as his hackles started rising. The door creaked as it opened wide to the small hallway and a set of muddy track, the brown muddy boot prints led into the kitchen and then returned to go up the stairs.

Daddy bear growled low in his throat. Mummy bear gasped and placed her paws over her little bear protectively.

“Dear, you don’t think?”

“Yes Martha, I do think.”

The family followed the prints to the dining room nervously, where the unstarted breakfast laid on the table disheveled.
Daddy bear picked up his bowl and sniffed it.

“Someone’s been at my porridge.” Shock and angry coursed through under his fur.

Mummy bear and baby bear both looked at their bowls.

“Someone’s eaten all mine up daddy.” Baby bear said crying.

Mummy bear pulled her little cub close and hugged him.

“It’s ok my dear. I’ll make some later.”

Daddy bear growled again, this time his black fur stood up, like a hedgehog.

“Thomas, you don’t think.”

“Yes Martha, I do think.”

He stomped off to the staircase with the other bears in tow. The trio crept up the stairs. Daddy bear place a paw on his lips.


At the landing, daddy bear followed the tracks Into his bedroom, where the muddy prints covered his floor and bed sheets.

“Oh Thomas, my lovely sheets, who would do such a thing.”

“Don’t worry Martha, will catch the person responsible.”

Mummy bear clasped her paws to her muzzle in shock.

“I can’t believe it. This is such a nice part of the woods. Why would anyone want to break into our lovely home, eat our porridge and cover our bed in muddy prints?”

“I don’t know Martha, but if I ever find out who.”
He raised a trembling finger; his graying muzzle shook with rage.
Baby bear called from the door.

“Mummy quick, my bed sheets just moved.”

Daddy bear was quick as lightning as he covered the space to the door. Sure-enough someone stirred in his son’s bed.
“Son. Let me show you what happens when we catch naughty people.”

Daddy bear stomped into his son’s once pristine room and pulled at his now muddy bed sheets. A small girl with golden hair laid curled up snore lightly. The offending boots still on her feet. Daddy bear growled low and long, his muzzle raised up and quivered with anger. Saliva dripped from his front canines on to the little girls red boots.

The little girl awoke to the huge growling bear. She kicked at the bed, backing away to the headboard trying to get as far away as possible. Daddy bear reached toward her. His eyes alight with fury. As quick as a flash he pinned her on her stomach and pulled a set of handcuffs from his coat pocket.

“You’re nicked Missy, for breaking and entering, theft and criminal damage, you have the right to remain silent, anything you do say, can and will be used against you in a court of law.”

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