[WP] A man investigating his own murder. 

Julius sat up.
It wasn’t like how it normally happened. A kick of the leg and the body followed, and he didn’t normally float a bit either.

The marble floor would have been cold if he were still alive. The black veins stretched across each tile like an endless tree. The pool of blood soaked through his toga to stain the marble steps. Blood trickled drop to the next step like a crimson waterfall.

Julius twisted round to look at his recently departed body.

“This is quite strange.”

“You get used to it, after a while.”

He spun back around to see who had spoken. A lady stood before him, her blond hair glowed faintly, the toga she wore was somewhat similar to his but lacked the ceremonial extravagant.

“The floating part, you get used to that, after a while.”

“Who are you and what did you do to me.”

Julius waved a bejeweled hand toward his vacated body.

“That wasn’t me, you know. But I am here to help you find out *who* did it.”

“Oh, my.”

He stood up and floated a bit again. His arms flailing in the air trying to steady his balance. The Lady stifled a laugh.

Once settled she offered him her hand.

“I’m Mary, and we don’t have long. You will find your memory is a bit fuzzy at the moment but after some time, it will clear up. Unfortunately, by that time, you’ll be called upon but another one like me.”

“What do you mean, like you?”

“I’m sort of, well; we don’t have a word for it yet, but it’s kind of like the police, you have just organized, you know, making sure people do the right thing and if they don’t, we punish them.”

“Right?” Julius scratched his head; the golden laurel headdress scratched his arm in response.

“Anyway, depending on him upstairs, you’ll either have one of two visitors to take you the appropriate resting place.”

He stared blankly at her, his mouth opening slightly.

“Maybe a bit too much. Let’s concentrate on the now and who did *that* to you.”

She pointed down at the numerous stabs wound in his earthly body. The toga was pulled up over his face hiding his death mask, but the blood and cuts over his body showed through quite clearly.

“I should remember who killed me. I was there, but as you said my mind seems a little, what did you say, fuzzy?”

“So first things first, do you know anyone who wanted you dead.”

“I’m the bloody Emperor of Rome, of course, a lot of people want me dead. Where is Mark Antony? he will know who did this?”

“That seems like a good enough starting point.”

Mary turned and walked down the steps to the pavement and away from the corpse.

“Poor Octavian, he will have to finish what I started.”

Julius Cesar shook his head and followed in her wake. People were starting to stop and stare at the scene on the step of the portico. It wasn’t often that you see your ruler assassinated.

Up ahead a small group of people walked in the middle of the road shouting. The people inside their homes pulled closed their window shutters and passerby walked off quickly in the different direction.

Caesar squinted against the sun, the rays penetrated his ethereal body and bathed the stone paving below.

“I know some of those men.”

Mary quickened her pace.

The men were shouting something that had the people of Rome running scared.
Mary thought that this was a promising start to getting this cleaned up quickly.
God knows how many other cases she was going to have today.

The group of men were punching the sky and shouting the same words over and over.

“People of Rome, we are once again free!”

Caesar stopped. A sad expression clouded his face.

“You too, Brutus?”

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